Three Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Better Website

A Different Digital Age

When the Internet first began gaining prominence in our homes, it was rare (even nearly impossible) to find a small business that had a website that was both informative and engaging. But that was to be expected; even ten years ago, the Web was nowhere near as powerful as it is today. Having a website that beautifully displays your company’s services and unique offerings in your industry, while offering your users a pleasant and engaging experience, is one of the best ways to attract attention. No matter which industry you’re part of, your business can certainly benefit from having a professionally designed website. While there are numerous reasons a better website can help grow your business, we’ve listed three of the most common reasons small businesses can benefit from a new, engaging website.

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Give Your Business Legitimacy

This might sound a bit harsh, but most potential customers see not having a website as a business that’s behind. Think about it: if you’re looking for a business by name and can’t find a website, what goes through your head? Is the company so out of touch with the times that they don’t realize they need a website for people searching for them? Are they simply ignoring having a web presence? Whatever comes to mind, the fact remains that this business doesn’t have a web presence, and that’s a red flag for potential customers. Having a website for your business not only keeps you on par with how small business operates today, but can give you a competitive advantage when you choose one of our eye-catching themes.

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The Internet is the New Yellow Pages

Whether your business is local, national, or your products cross oceans, you want people to find your business. All but gone are the days of thick books with local numbers and address; the fact is that people use the Internet for finding names, numbers, addresses, products, and services. This isn’t likely to change any time soon — or in the foreseeable future. This is especially important for small business; if someone knows they’re going to be in your town for an event and they want the service you’re offering, they want to see local businesses that have a web presence, even if they aren’t locals. Having a website means people can see your business, 24/7, even if you’re only available 9-to-5.

Generate Leads

Your website can be a goldmine for learning more about your customers and what they’re looking for. No matter which services or products you offer, allowing customers to enter their email address on your website means you can present them with deals, specials, new and updated products, and any information you want them to have with the click of a few buttons. This goes back to your site always being present should someone want to search for you or find their way to your page. You can learn the best day and time to send out emails to customers, both potential and returning. And, with online sales projected to grow steadily over the coming years, allowing customers to purchase or reserve products any time they choose is a good business practice.

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