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Not Your Average Website Design and Development 

Remember the days when it was a 50/50 shot that the business you were wanting to support (or at least learn more about) had a website or not? And, even if the business you were searching for had a website, odds are it didn’t give you all of the info you needed, was clunky, or it was difficult to navigate.

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The Prattis Difference 

Different by Design It probably comes as no surprise to you that there are numerous website design companies out there. Moreover, you’re probably well aware there are nearly as many website development companies. As we continue to propel ourselves in the increasingly breakneck pace of modern business, the need for a great-looking, functional, and engaging […]

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Three Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Better Website 

A Different Digital Age When the Internet first began gaining prominence in our homes, it was rare (even nearly impossible) to find a small business that had a website that was both informative and engaging. But that was to be expected; even ten years ago, the Web was nowhere near as powerful as it is […]

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What Does Your Theme Say About You/r Website? 

Show Yourself We put a lot of time, energy, and effort into how we come across to others. From the clothes we wear to the way we fix our hair, we’re routinely taking time to make sure we present ourselves the way we want to be seen. Why shouldn’t your website receive the same attention? […]

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Top 3 Website Platforms for Start-ups 

So you have started your brand new business. Congratulations! Question is, now what? That is a question every entrepreneur faces in the beginning stages of their business and eventually you will come to the question, “What do I do about a website? I have heard of all of these different builders and hosts and domains […]